Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, January 03, 2015

Hi and welcome to your Saturday surf report.  This is Lucha Libre Garcia with a quick update for today's show.  The waves were running still pretty small but we are paddling out every single day.  Check it out!!!

I checked a different spot today and this is what I found.  Small waves and nobody out!!!

The fish was attacking the bait today.  Just check out this shot!

Oh yeahhh,,, lunch it is gonna be goo for this kid.  Bueno pa la sopa!!!

We changed locations and went to get some better surf.  Waves were running in the waist high range but nice and clean!

A few chicas made it to the beach and they were looking for some help to get their surf going.  Don't give up chicas!

It was cool to see some young guns in the water.  The new generation!

La Bestia Calderon was out there, flying as always. Dale chabaloooo!!!

That's all for today amigos, please check back tomorrow!