Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hey everyone thanks for checking the Tuesday surf report.  This is Jairo “Come Pan” bringing you all the crazy action on the beach, the day before New Years Eve.  The waves were fun and there were lots of people enjoying themselves on the beach and in the water.  The waves were running about chest high on sets with offshore winds and the water was super nice.

Here we have a great shot of everyone coming together on the beach from all around the world to enjoy their holidays with us in Nicaragua.  Whether they came to lounge on the beach, surf, or just hang out and drink, everyone is having a great time no matter what.

This is a surf shot of Gerardo”El Mope” smacking the lip on a small but nice wave.  He is one of the many locals here, enjoying the mad parties around town, as well as spending quality time in the water.

We also have some other friends here from New York that decided to partake in the wonderful surf lessons that we provide here in town.  Jennifer and Kyle had such an awesome time with us the first time that they had a surf lesson, that they had to come back for more, and we were sure glad they did.

As everyone can see, Jennifer was super stoked to be in the water again, catching loads of waves with the superb lessons from us, and having a great time.

With the last shot of the day before the real crazy parties begin tomorrow with the holidays, here we have Kyle doing his best to enjoy the waves, he is also super stoked to be here with his girlfriend, surfing and having a good time down here in Nicaragua.  Thanks for checking the surf report, we will have exciting new photos for everyone to check out tomorrow!