Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What’s up folks?  We are the NSR family bringing you one more time all the action that we had on the beach.  Today we went to the beach in the morning trying to snap a couple shots.  The waves were fun, running about knee to waist high on sets with strong offshore winds and the water was little chilly.  Check out the lineup!!!

On the first surfing shot of the day we have our friend Oscar “ Ostin Power “ he was trying to get some waves this morning.  Check him out riding on this little wave.

This is Jimmy another friend that we have, he took some surf lesson the last four days ago with the NSR shot.  He is learning to fast how to surf.  Look at him riding on this small but super fun left hander, one of the many waves that he caught today.

We had some serious sets coming in to the beach.  Here we have our very good friend Oliver “El Mono” Solis riding on this beautiful right hander, one of the better waves we had rolling in.

There were a few local was catching a lot of waves, here we have one of them.  This is Felipe “El pipe” Chompipe riding on this peeler left.

A few ladies was taking a break on the beach enjoying of this sunny day, waiting some minutes and paddle out to the beach and had fun.  Nice tang baby, be carefully with the buzzard.

A couple locals were commanding the lineup this morning.  Here we have Jose “El Corage” Hernandez doing the best thing, riding on his big panga on this fun left hander.

We had a few international surfers in the water trying to score some waves.  Check out this dude riding on this small but fun right hander.  Good job Abuelo.

The lineup was almost empty this morning, I guess not many people knew about the forecast and wind conditions.  Anyway, we only had 7guys out enjoying the whole beach to themselves.  Here we have one of them riding on this small but beautiful right.

When we arrived to the beach this morning the waves were running knee to waist but when we go back to town the waves were running waist to chest high.  Check out this photo.  Alright folks that’s all for today.  We hope to have some better waves tomorrow.  Please check back with us!