Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, December 19, 2014

Hello everybody after have a pachanga yesterday was hard to wake up early today, but was really good come to the beach and find this waves, super fun and with consistency. The water keep fresh and the wind is normal again. Check it out.

The time for surf is around eleven in the morning and is good until two in the afternoon.

Hey, what you think about today? If you made the button turn a little fast, you could have a barrel.

The wave have a little power. Is true.

The swell pick up a little today. The December 24 we gonna have a surf contest just for close the year a little fun with our brothers of the beaches around. So be tuned.

Here is one of the locals practicing. To make sure we win in our own house.

This wave is already a overhead, so it is increasing, hopefully tomorrow morning should be bigger because right now I listen the ocean and is sound stronger.

Sack come back of vacations and is in the water again, surfing in his back yard.

How many time are you be in this situation before?. Is hard to get out the wave but is better to not have a collision.

Smart idea for keep out the sun, a the kids. Mom made a good job. Ok. Amigos check the surf report tomorrow I believe we will have a great week. Armando Lopez is out.