Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hello, this is your Sunday report, no too many people surfing in the morning. The wave keep kinda small, but every body is talking about the new swell to next week. Right now some pumps are making big sound. Hopefully tomorrow we have some barrels.

I always say. Why these waves are not in my way when I'm to surf.

That barrel was going for more than twenty meters long, was open and the two surfers over there was trying to save his life.

After a big affright caused by the last wave. Time to ride some waves.

The Go Pro is really popular everywhere, This girl was recording his surf experience, of course she will laughing when she come back home and check all the video.

This wave in particular. She escape of this one. Good reflex.

Welcome to the Tourado family from Uruguay, this is the second occasion visiting Nicaragua, so we know they really like our country and want them to feel happy to return every year.

Some time this wave look the same like the waves in the Atlantic coast. But is because too much offshore wind.

Ok. Thanks for check the report. Day off for the fish, all the fisherman were waiting for the time they come but never happen, well we know soon they come back to the beach a little big and fat. ( Perfect ). Is time to fix the lines and the lures. See you tomorrow in another report. Armando Lopez is out.