Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, December 13, 2014

Hello everybody, The waves start coming today, this photo was early morning and before 3:00 PM the waves were better, some sets bring a little power. The wind is slow now and the water less cold. Check how look the morning.

Because nobody surf early, I check another spot. Every day I found a Mr. Thomas and Goyo, Check one of his waves.

Here is Goyo, after he made the drop in that wave. Come back and made a nice turn.

Mr. Thomas is using that surfboard for ten days and now is moving so fast. Check it out. He think that surfboard is a 6'0'.

He was flying.....The waves were a little fast, so that means a new swell is coming. Check it out the next day will be fun.

Mr. Thomas was claiming interference. The lady was dropping the nice and fast waves. check it out.

This wave were given a challenge to this surfer. All the way to the beach, about thirty meters long, this girl was fast.

Check the vibration of the surfboard. Ok. Amigos, the surf start be better in the morning, so wake up and be ready, one of this morning some good waves will surprising us. Armando Lopez is out.