Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, December 01, 2006

Hi and welcome to the surf report for today. This is Roberto

Today the Chamorro's brother were leading the crew with many barrels, airs, floaters and cutbacks. Here is Augusto Chamorro getting a nice barrel at Machete pt.



Machete Pt was going off today. Don't you believe me? Here is the proof.


Here is Augusto Chamorro once again with a nice super floater. With a day like this one, he should won the last contest.



Today young Rex was charging at Machete pt. Check him out with a nice bottom turn.

Augusto Chamorro, I got many good shots of him. I had a hard task to pick the best ones.

I don't know how many people was out there today but I know everybody had fun.

Here is La Baloy with the last shot of the day. Check back tomorrow.

Hey what's up - Pancho here with the bonus edition of the Surf Report for this first day of December 2006. We're not supposed to be getting waves like this so late in the year so we're going to throw up some extra pix. In fact, we'll just go crazy with the pics - this is "Fabio el Flavio" rocking out on the bottom turn. Lookin' good with the hair Fabio!

Here is another ripper from Brazil - tearing it up in Slow Motion. Check it out man, you made NSR!

The locals were out in full force too. This is Junior Martinez, steppin up his game.

Mario was steppin it up too, sitting out back and charging the set waves.

We have no idea who this Limon local might be, but we shot a cool pic of him. Nice cutback chavalo.

We are going to guess that this is Gustavo, pulling in on a nice set wave.

Dude, did you see my tube? Man, you didn't get tubed! Yeah, I was crouching down and I was in the tube man, didn't you see me? Dude, you can't claim a tube on that one. Whatever bro, I say I got tubed! Check the photo!

Yeah, I dropped in and went left and then this local guy snaked me and disappeared behind the lip. I guess the wave closed out or something. Damn locals!

Mario Martinez, sitting in the "sweet spot". Hasta luego.