Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, December 01, 2005

We've still got some fun waves coming in today - It's Dec 1st and there aren't that many surfers in Nicaragua right now. We took the caravan with the locals to this "not so easy to get to", secret spot - with our promise not to disclose the location, they said it was cool if we posted some pics. Check it out -

"Da Crew" from left to right: Pancho, Luis, Agusto, Oliver, Roque, Rex, Gerardo.

We've got lots of good pics today so we'll just throw them up. This is Pancho, Shot 1.

Pancho, Shot 2.

Pancho, Shot 3

Roque, Shot 1

Roque, Shot 2

Roque, Shot 3

Roque, Shot 4

This is Agusto, showing nice backside form. Shot 1

Agusto, Shot 2

Agusto, Shot 3

Agusto, Shot 4

Agusto, Shot 5. That's all for today, check back for more waves tomorrow!