Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Every years November have some good waves. This afternoon when the tide was coming . The lefts and the rights was working. Check, no kidding.

You see how this barrel is open and check the foam after the explosion. Making the duck diving you can break the surfboard.

The best floater today. This bull does not throw this rider.

Lester was for long way in this little barrel, until he can keep any more inside.

The sandbank shape the bottom really good. Is ready for the big swell the next  year.

The noon was the call. The half hour I was there, all this good wave were coming.

Wow this is a good way to close November. Waves overhead thirty meters long. Sold.

Lester go for the air rodeo. He just need a year to landing this trick every time.

Oscar is going crazy. See that surfboard really vertical. Wow, all this guys are getting high level.

Ok. The water was clear, a lot of fish in the water and a tornado in the horizon with nice colors in the clouds. Perfect day. Have a good day. Armando Lopez is out.