Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hello good afternoon everybody. The offshore wind is super nice and the color of the water keep amazing. The waves are kinda small, we keep waiting to the new swell. But we know the onshore wind will come later , so we surf the low tide again to see some barrels.

There are lefts and rights in the both peaks working today. We keep having some closing out waves with good tubes.

Ho!!!!! Man!!!!, he was too up in the line of this wave. Here he is probably breathing, closing his eyes and waiting for be washing for the pipe machine.

There are a bunch of surfers girls here riding some of the best waves. Here is this girl dragging her hand to low down speed and see if the lip of that wave cover her.

The direction of the swell exchange the breaks, because now the left it is the biggest waves on the beach again and some rights are just appearing.

Some of the visitors are taking advantage of the size of these waves to warm up his barrels skill for be ready when the big waves come. You got it bro!!!.

Yeah!!!!. That happen when the waves get a little bigger. Here this visitor is dropping this wave a little late. If you are thinking to come here and don't want to have problem for catch the waves. Make a week before of crazy exercise for be faster.

Aaaaaahhhhh!!!!!. I was missing this left. I am regular footer so I surf back side this wave and the drop and the line of this left is full of adrenaline. Here is a view of this left with his particular shape. ( Long barrels ).

Ho!!!. Another surfer dropping late. The last week we have eight surfboards broken in two days.

Martin from France is here surfing for two week. He have many surf session here of than he probably surf all year in his homebreak. A tons of waves and experience in this tropical water. He is all day in the water just having a rest for eat and sleep.

Well, after to see this left, I know what I want. Go to take the same position of this surfer and get my first barrel of the day.

Ok. Amigos. We are expecting bigger waves in the next tides, so be tuned to see what the ocean give to us. We are surfers and our brain is pointing to the beach, so see you later in the lineup. Armando Lopez is out.