Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hola amigos, Lucha Libre Garcia here with a quick update for your Saturday surf report.  The waves were still small but super fun, running about chest high on the bigger sets, winds were nice offshore and the water was great.  Check it out!

The waves were small but super fun and playful.  Check out the scene!

A couple of locals made it out and they were shredding hard.  Oscarito practicing his backside skills.

Oliver El Monito Soliz made it over our way and he was taking the elevator in a couple of times.  Make sure to land it amigo!

Ernie El Patito grabbed his funboard and rode some decent ones.  Welcome down amigo!

Chocoyito was also ripping on some nice sections.  Attacking a cool closed out section.

Everyone out there was ripping all day long.  Here is caught this guy with a nice little sequence.

Did we mention something about small waves but super fun?  It was killable, as you can see.

Nice slashy fella.  Keep up the good work.

We have Seth on the last shot of the day, working on his back hand.  Please check back tomorrow!