Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The day is almost here and we are ready to have fun.  Central American Surf Contest, upcoming weekend at Playa Maderas.

What’s up folks?  This is Lucha Libre Garcia throwing a couple pics in for the Tuesday surf report.  Today I got hired by a few cool guys from New Jersey.  The winds were light onshore today but there were still many fun ones rolling in.  It was running about chest to head high on sets and the crowd was having a blast out there.

On the first action shot of the day we have Joe setting up for a nice ride.  No better way to celebrate your birthday than doing what you love most, uh.  Happy Birthday buddy!!!

How about Chad setting up to get into the green room.  He has a Go-Pro camera on his board but he was so excited to catch this wave that he forgot to turn it on.

Hello to everyone in New Jersey! Here I am on another nice left! So glad not to be surfing LSU today! Hello to Ash, Meg, and Kris!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joe G

The tide was a little low when we got to the beach and the waves were thumping.  Nice way to celebrate, when you break your brand new board on the first wave Giz!

We have to say that the locals were commanding the lineup.  This is Junior “La Juliana” Martinez busting a sick frontside air at the first peak.

The local gringos were also killing it.  Check out “El Gusanito” showing us how to destroy a nice closed out section.

A few unknown pale riders were out scoring some fun ones as well.  Here is caught this dude digging a deep bottom turn on this sick peeler.

A couple of mini bumps came in here and there.  Just a little bit late in the drop pal, auchhhhhh!!!

Did we say the waves were thumping and pumping?  Sorry Jamil, there is nothing else we can say buddy!

As we said before the wind was onshore but there were some nice section to have fun on.  Here I caught this buddy, taking the elevator to the highest level.

The last action shot of the day goes to this pal.  He was ripping it up all over the place.  What a sweet move.

Just training for later.  Way to go Chad.  Lucha out!

This just in,

Pancho Sanchez and company took the Va Pue from Surfari Chaters out to crush the fish.  Captain Moss is the man when it comes to fishing and he also knows some of the better spots to go spear fishing.  Check out that big ass red snapper that Pacho speared, he said he got to see bigger ones (including a 12 feet shark) no easy to spear.  We want to say thanks so much to Capt Moss for taking us out.  I guess the BBQ is going to be on fire tonight, uh!

One last shot, the Jersey Crew enjoying the pool in paradise!!!