Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Here's where the day get's a little strange. First of all, Cokey, who is normally pretty chill, almost catches air...

Now, I don't know what these guys did, but it must have been pretty disrespectful because Cokey caught a wave in and paddled back out to them with a 12 inch knife and told them to leave. We don't condone this behavior by anyone, but we can't stress enough to be chill with the locals when you visit here - we don't have the same rules as other places.

Today we've got a crazy mix of full moon shenanagans and tom foolery in the water. The waves are running a fun chest to head high and the winds are offshore, so we can start there.

We've got the usual suspects out in full force today - Luis, flying high...

Gerardo, smoothing out some corners...

Of course, the full moon brought out the chicks in droves today.

And we even have bald guys ripping...make sure to use lots of sunscreen pelon.