Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Greetings and salutations to our audience in Nicaragua and around the world. We'll be posting our surf report from today shortly, but first we wanted to share some shots from a trip NSR's Pancho Sanchez and Carlos Caliente just returned from in Indonesia. They jumped aboard the Kaimana with owner/guide Shane-O for some late season Mentawai perfection.

You can't beat pulling up in the channel to this sight.

The inside section at this spot was tricky, but Pancho was killing it.

Here's Pancho slotted on another right hander. The trip saw its share of funky weather and flat spells, but days like this made it worth the wait and every penny.

Carlos was gettin' his fair share as well and absolutely lovin' this prefect left.

Here's another shot of Carlos on the same day at the same spot seeing how deep he can get.

The diving in Indo was unreal and you know we speared some fish. Here's Pancho and our guide Shane-O from South Africa showing of the evening's catch.

While in the Mentawai's we took a walk around one of the islands hit by last year's tsunami. This is what's left of a village that was leveled by the tsunami. It was caused by an earthquake that hit nearly a year to the day before this photo was taken.

Chili paste comes either inside every dish in Indo or as an essential condiment. It is no wonder there was a whole section of the outdoor market in Padang dedicated to it.

This group of kids was playing soccer when we showed up to the park. They were fired up on the camera all vying for a little slice of fame via NSR. Kids being kids. It feels good to know you can travel across the planet and some things just don't change.

Here's a parting shot of Pancho enjoying the morning light on nice little left hander. The guys were stoked on the trip and wanted to send shouts out the the crew of the Kaimana, our guides, and the blokes we shared the boat with - hoping to make it back to that part of the world sometime soon. Stay tuned for the news from NIcaragua's best surf reporter, Roberto "Lucha Libre" Garcia. 

The waves were running about the same sized as yesterday and the crowd was also super light.  We had great conditions to take the big boards out but not many people did it.  Knee too waist high sets were rolling in and the winds were nice offshore.  Check out the lineup!

La Cafetalera picked up some of the better waves we had rolling in.  Here she is caught looking down the line on this right hander.

A few beginners were out, having a blast.  Check out this unknown rider taking off a little late on this nice looking right.

A hot cup of coffee was the best you could do when you came in.  This guy was smart enough to watch the little action we had out there from the beach.

Did I mention that the water was a little chilly.  This guy wasn't worried about that wearing that full wetsuit.  We are heading up north tomorrow, hoping to score some better ones.  Please check back tomorrow.