Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, November 13, 2006

Roberto here with the Monday surf report. Today we've got bigger waves tham 3 days ago and the water is still clear. So, It's chest to head high on sets and the wind is offshore. Check it out.

Check out this chick. She was cutting all over the place. Nice!!

This is Juan Carlos from Ometepe Island. Getting ready for the next contest.

Here is Oscar El Friky Dangla. Hey buddy, are you going to participate in the next tournament? I think you are surfing so much better. Come on boy, let's do it.

Sally was trying to find some seashells by the sea. Did you score?

Coki as always was getting barrel. He is ready to dispute a good place the next weekend.

Nobody can run away from me lady. If you come to Maderas there is no way out. I am here all the time and you even see me. Wacth out ladies.

More waves on tap for tomorrow. So, please stay tuned with us.

Carlo C here with the updated report for Monday. We traveled today finding workable conditions at this beautiful sandbar setup. A word of advice for those new to country - keep an eye out for stingrays when wading into the surf. I learned the hard way yesterday taking a stinger on the bottom of my foot. The poison can neutralized by exposure to heat - I submerged my foot in very hot water and it helped a lot. That and a couple of solid slugs off the rum bottle. Apparently shuffling your feet alerts the ray and helps you avoid a painful run-in.

The NSR crew welcomed our good friend and diehard Rhino Chaser, Kip, this weekend. After suffering through some small days and rough mornings-after we finally got him into some headhigh barrels. Here he is styling for the setup of one of his many pipes for the day.

Only the rights were working today, and Pancho was able to muscle his way into a bunch of backside barrels. Check the taper of this wave - life is good in Nica!

Only a couple guys in the water, and though there were a ton of closeouts, the wait was worth it when you could pull into ones that look like this. Looking forward to a building swell, more good winds this week, and the arival of the World Famous Zacatecas.