Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, November 05, 2021

Hey ya'll TGIF surf report from your best pals here at SurfNSR and we have a bit of swell in the water but unless you got out there for the dawn patrol you were greeted by onshore winds which are making it a bit messy out there. We did have a handful of surfers out there working with what the ocean provided today, come check out some of the waves from today!

Robin out with his Sister and Dad scoring some waves before lunch time.

Bianca showing her brother that she got the skills out there as well and representing the females in the lineup this morning.

Dad Bertie holding the trophy for the heat of the morning tossing buckets off the lip with ease.

The Beach Club should be opening back up for dinner tonight or maybe tomorrow as they are still working on the finishing touches with all the work they've been doing over there for the last month.

I didn't run over to Panga this morning but from Colorado it did look like there were a few people down on that side as well, and we are moving into the off season where Panga seems to be the call more often then not.

Might have to wake up extra early tomorrow to get down before the wind kicks up as there seems to be a little storm off the coast that is causing these onshore winds the last couple of days.

Gonzalo not deterred by the wind as he only has a couple of days left and is determined to keep scoring waves up until it's time to leave.

Okay folks thank you for coming to check out the surf from today! We will always be here to give you a little something something from our daily surf lives. Have a great day and a wonderful weekend, enjoy this Friday and I'll see you back here tomorrow for the Saturday surf report! Peace