Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, November 05, 2016

Hi brothers and sisters here we are in the second day of this swell. The waves are smaller than yesterday, but there are more waves, was super consistent. Here is the second wave of four in the set. Per second day the low tide was the best day to surf. Check it out.

A lot of left like a pipeline. Here is one of the nice wave in the morning. The swell is losing the energy, so the waves is not to heavy like yesterday.

Kevin Cortez was out Nicaragua surfing in the United States and he just come back and start scoring a good barrel. Check this tunnel....

There are a bunch of this medium size waves between sets. Like twenty waves before another set arrive.

Check this beautiful green gem. All the peaks have good waves and the offshore wind was lower than yesterday.

Here Kevin is deep in the barrel. We even can't to see him, but we know he is going out.

Wow Kevin that was a perfect 10 bro!!!. Was the best barrels of today.

No there are only good left. check this right, it's softer than the left, b ut I think this wave was getting bigger size.

This is some of my favorite surf day. After the swell the waves are more gentle and you don't need to worry for the wipeout, just get a fun ride.

Here is the big right of the main peak. The waves are over head today, so if the swell drop a feet, we probably still having waves to shoulder high tomorrow.

This right was more for made a big turn in the top of the wave. But a lot of this surfer doesn't know what to do after the drop.

Just a few waves were walled up, but the corners were good like this wave. Check this party wave.

Just the guy in the corner was in the right place to get the shack. The waves were breaking closer to the beach were hole. this surfer is just passing a feet of the shallow sandbank.

All the people to surf yesterday and today were able to see a lot of tunnels. This is the first swell of november and looks like will be small in the next day, so we hope the forecast is wrong.

This is the best place to learn how get barrels. This man was inside this nugget for a few seconds, but probably he will be happy just with that.

Some peaks were without surfers. This right was working sometimes, but with this shape without rider.

Here there are two of the best cuts of the morning. one is made for Kevin Cortez and the other for a visitor. Check it out.

This no was a big cut, but looks cool. Today was a barrels lessons.

Oh man!!!!. This is the surfer who lost the barrel.... !!!.

This was the surfer with the deeper barrel. Almost all the waves to hit the short break was open wow...

This was the wipeout of the morning... This surfer back out and the wave catch to him,,, HAhahahahah.

This left was on fire today. Watching all the photos of this morning, this was the most consistent waves of the line up.

This swell was marking just four feet high,  but there are a lot of waves overheat. The afternoon no is to good so still surfing in the morning.

Ok. have a good afternoon everybody, see you tomorrow in another surf report. Armando Lopez is out.