Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The surf was kinda small today but it was fun.  It was running about knee to waist high on sets with nice offshore winds in the morning, later on the wind changed to onshore but it was still pretty fun.  Check it out!

Lots of local kids jumped out in the water today and they were having a blast.  This is La Guabinita attacking this closed out section.

The grommets were really having fun out there.  This is El Pipe Chompipe busting a small but nice looking frontside air.

A few international guys were out catching some fun ones as well.  Here is caught this guy picking up one of the better waves he got.

La Guayabita was ripping all over the place this morning.  Here he is with a nice off the top.  Nice looking shot, uh.

It is classic to see this guy killing it on his big panga, but it is not classi to have a shot like this on the web.  Ola, la, laaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

The last shot of the day ges to "La Aguada" trying to take the elevator to the next level.  We hope to catch bigger waves tomorrow, so stay tuned with us.