Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hey everyone, Brian here again, with another epic day in Nicaragua! We had solid surf today in the shoulder to head high range and and steady offshore winds with a few more people in the lineup today. Seems like we're still in July! Here's something to make your jaw drop. Check it!

Like I said, a little busy out in the lineup this morning. Gonna have to start handing out tickets with numbers to get a wave solo! Watch out buddy, your friends about to flip you off the wave.

The rights were really working today. If you could put yourself in the spot, you were probably sitting on one of these. Looking good!

Can't be late on the drop out there if you want to get in the green room. Just a little faster to your feet buddy and you would've been in there!

Rob was out working on his backside skills, nice backside cutback buddy! Guess you're not that old after all..haha.

Roger found some time to get away from Santana and it was worth the trip. Big guy, hiding out in sweet righthander!

A few lefts managed to come through, and no one seemed to find this one!

Barrel of the day goes to one of the local groms, Oscar. Caught him getting deep on a nice right mini grinder.

Getting some tube time!

That's what happens when you grow up with waves like that in your backyard. Hope you got your waves today if not looks like it's gonna be another good day tomorrow! Hasta manana amgios!