Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, October 14, 2012

What's up people? Brian here, bringing you another piece of paradise on this lazy Sunday, here in Nicaragua! Another day of good waves here in the month of October. A little smaller than yesterday but still some nice waves coming in around chest to shoulder high. Check it out!

The waves started out pretty hollow and fast, a lot of nice barrels going unridden early. These guys are probably wishing they would've waited for this one.

Like i said, there were some sick tubes coming in! A patient surfer reaping the rewards.

Seemed like the rights were dominating again out there today, the rights were reeling so long it almost looked like a right point.

I guess he didn't like the way the lefts were breaking, so why not take out some frustration with a nice hack!

Rights anybody?

I was actually surprised to see a boat pull up, I guess there's more people around for the good waves. This guy jumped off the boat and found himself in the barrel of the day!

Is that another little cover up? Getting covered twice on a sweet one!

Right on amigo! Sweet wave!

Well that's it for today folks, hope you got in the water today. If not get out there soon because it looks like we might have some onshores coming in next week. Hasta manana amigos!