Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Hola amigos!! Welcome to the mid week report at NSR with Parker. The waves improved since yesterday so click that "read more."

There's a fresh SW bump that caused the waves to tick up a notch. It isn't anything epic; however, it's super fun!

In the morning, we received a light rain. Afterwards, the ocean glassed off for a session. For the rest of the day, it's still onshore due to Hurricane Matthew. Stay safe on the Eastern seaboard and we are wishing a quick a recovery to the Caribbean islands.

Bro!! That's a nug!! The lineup was empty this morning so plenty of waves were untouched.

The winds should be back to normal by the weekend. In the meantime, take day trips, go fish, or order the massage girls. Or, wait for the window and score a quick empty session!!

Also, today is the anniversary our two of our owners! Feliz aniversario a Pancho y Hace Queso!!! Thank you each for all you do for NSR and we are proud to work for people like you.

One of our favorite events are the Tuesday and Wednesday golf scrambles. Keep scrolling down to see some action!!

Danny was first up to the tee box. Him and his crew wanted to kill the afternoon and avoid the onshore surf by hopping in the scramble.

Darren was all smiles and laughs. Some groups play to win but other crews fill up a cooler of Tonas and enjoy the afternoon together. If the surf isn't happening or you and three buddies want to play a cheap fun course, make your reservation for the scramble!!

Ian was the group's golfer. He led a decorated collegiate career at SDSU's D1 program. After college, he dabbled in the PGA European Tour. Notably, he was the runner up to Victor Dubuisson in the 2013 Turkish Airlines Open. These days, he keeps it mellow and shows up to the Iguana Scramble.

As for Chris, this was his first time touching a golf club. Believe it or not (or actually just believe it), his first drive was a straight grounder for about 80 yards!

By definition, the scramble is a team playing best ball. With an ex-PGA tour member on your team, Ian's ball was the best. Not a bad lie (100 yards from the pin) on a pay 4 dog leg right...

I guess Ian was a little rusty... or maybe the onshores affected the trajectory. Tap in for par is a good start by our standards.

Everybody loves the scramble, even the security guards! Thank you to Dan Springfield for all the work done behind the scenes so we can enjoy the outings!!

Ok damas and caballeros, plenty of fun stuff is going on even if the surf isn't perfect. Today's scramble starts at 3pm so see you guys there. Thank you for checking out today's report and hasta pronto!!