Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, October 05, 2015

Hello everybody. The offshore wind come back again and the waves too. The low tide was the best time to surf today. The crew of the NSR beach house was in the water today scoring the sets. Check it out.

Remember the surf report of yesterday what I say about this right. So check it out. The barrels and the wall are here.

The sets have the overhead waves with three pretty nugget. Check here one of the good strong cut of today.

A come back turn with good expansion and nice spray. The sets come with a period of ten minutes every set and after were flat moments and repite like that for about two hours.

Some left were smaller, but with good lines. The water keep super clean and warm, just the sun is a little strong.

Lester was in the Southern peak. Over there not were too many waves , but check what Lester found.

Wowwwww. We were waiting for the perfect time to go surf and this wave make us hurry up. Everybody was ready for get some barrels, but a lot of us receive some wipeout too.

Because the waves were strong was good for power turns. After come out the wall of the wave this corner have a nice ramp for put all the energy versus the wave.

Check here the best barrel of today. Not was the biggest wave, but was the cleaner.

The tide and the wind were mixing perfect. Was shallow about three feet and the wave finish in a deep channel. But if you fall the wipeout was hard.

Here is this surfer enjoying the ride. You see the door open really nice.

Well, always this wave give you a surprise, because never is to easy. The majority of the surfer fell in the door.

This surfer start going deep. This beachbreak is not like the nice barrel in Indonesia. Is unreadable, so you need to use all you know for can get out.

Well, after the emotion of get out this furfer have a second for think and do some thing. What is a good option?

A powerful cut. How good way to finish.

When the tide keep going down the waves were just a second more fast. This surfer want to do the same of the surfer before.

But he was a little to late. I tested the ground during my surf session and believe me. This hurt!!!!!!. Was a washing machine and the soap was a lot of sand.

This man probably have the same feeling of me. Doesn't hurt the fall, it hurt lose the barrel.

The waves rolling good for a while. The prediction for the next day is good. I will be in vacation searching the best waves in all the coast. Probably Parker get some photos of me.

The pipe machine just need the offshore wind keep working, because surfline have good prediction for us. Be tuned to see one more swell this year.

The main peak was working occasionally, bringing this left with long lines. For now the rights predominate the line up but everything can exchange.

Coming in the left this furfer hit the lip of this wave making a explotion. Not to many airs today.

When the tide was low, was time to everybody went out the water, because the waves were rude and start kicking us.

The only air was made for DJ. I think he try to escape from this wave and in the end he made this trick unconsciously. Hahahha is a joke DJ.

Amigos. Thanks for check our surf report and be part of our audience. We always try to show you the beautiful waves of our country. If you come some day, make sure to hunt a barrel. Armando Lopez is out.