Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hey Folks, welcome to the surf report for Sunday. We've been enjoying Pancho's posts from the far east, stoked to see some images from Indo. It has been years since I have been, but I still remember the feeling of giddy anticipation in those hours (or days in Pancho's case) in Padang before heading out to the islands.

Back here in Nicaragua the rain continues and so do these pesky onshores, in fact we have just been handed a heavy dose of Matthew....a hurricane recently downgraded to tropical depression that graced us with more rain than we know what to do with.

As we reported earlier in the week Saturday was International Coastal Cleanup day and despite the weather, closed roads, high winds and subsequent postponement of cleanup activities around the rest of the country we decided to forge on. Here are some of the Santa Martha school students waiting for their ride to the beach to help out.

As we organized the volunteers into groups at ColoradoCleanUp Base Camp, aka Mark and Dave's Place, we watched sheets of rain pound the beach and wondered if we should have postponed and tried another day after all. Still, despite the weather more than twice the number of volunteers we expected showed up so it was clear that it was far too late to abort. The event was meant to happen. Here's a shot of the scene under the palapa as we wait for a break in the rain.

With no sign of letting up we grabbed our bags, donned gloves, picked up rakes, loaded up the tractor and set out determined to tackle the challenge at hand resigned to the fact that we be soaking wet in seconds. We had quite a turnout for the event. Hoping for 40 people under good conditions, we expected fewer once the the storm struck. We ended up having a group of volunteers 75 strong. It was a diverse group too, children and their families from Asentamiento and Santa Marta, employees of the various businesses at Playa Colorado, foreign residents, and local surfers. Here is one of the youngsters doing his part right as the weather started to break.

As luck would have it the the weather broke and we were able to work under excellent conditions for the rest of the morning. We worked in 5 groups of fifteen bagging up man-made trash and piling and raking the organic stuff.

Who knew picking up garbage could be so much fun.

By noon we were all back at base camp tired but energized by the opportunity to get together as a community and have some fun while leaving the beach a nicer place to be.  An initial estimate puts the garbage collected at about 1200lbs. This NSR organized clean up of Playa Colorado was made possible by Paso Pacifico, Hacienda Iguana, Iguana Rentals, Mark and Dave's, Don Eloy's, and Playa Iguana Condos. And also by the donations of refreshments and the participation of residents. Thanks again to everyone involved. I am Carlisimo, and I am out.

Miguel should be following up shortly with photos of the waves today.

Hi everyone, this is Miguel bringing you all the action for the Sunday surf report.  It was raining all night and all morning long, that’s why all roads are bad it was difficult to drive to some different beaches, but in the afternoon we had very good sun,  we decided to take some photos here in San Juan Del Sur, because we have the better waves around town.  The waves were running about waist to chest high on sets with onshore winds.  Check out the lineup!!!

Today was the International day for the Bible, this morning was raining very strong, but all Christians followed its march on the roads with their umbrellas and capes.  Happy  Bible Day!

On the first surfing shot of the day we have Alberto “El Loco” Romano, he was ripping all over the place.  Check him out with this a cool snap.

The waves were fun today.  Here we have our very good friend Guillermo “La Terepotita” Rosales doing his thing.  Look at him destroying the lip on this little right hander.

The lineup was very crowded today, we had about 15 or 17 surfers including a few local guys.  Here we Marcelino “La Cotorra” Navarro riding on this beautiful right hander, one of the bigger waves of the day.

A few local guys were surfing all afternoon long and were taking some good waves.  This is Yamil “El Coki” Brox with this small but fun little sequence.

Shot # 1: Here is getting ready to throw some buckets.

Shot # 2: Is he going to pull that up?

Shot # 3: of course  he make it.  Good job Coki!

The Indian face was watching all the action from the back ground!  Here we have Augusto " La Gaviota" Chamorro, looking good with this little floater.

On the last shot of the day we have our very good friend Oliver “ El Monito” Solis after the long and wild vacations in Ometepe Island  with one of the many girlfriends that he has.  Now he has more energy to destroy every single wave.  Alright folks that’s all for today.  We hope to have some better waves tomorrow.  Please check back with us! 

This just in....Chris "Bubby" Polovino is caught in the sneakiest of river holes just between Gigante and Iguana. Yo, Bubby, I put myself in that thing the other night, but the water wasn't so deep and I made it out ok. I've got a couple more shots if you want them. When driving south through this one you got to stay left, folks. Thanks to Matthew McGovern for sending in the pic.