Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hello and thank you for joining us for the Thursday surf report.  Today we have yet another day of tiny waves with onshore winds.  It is running around knee to waste high.  Check out what we got.

Today D-lite had some work done on his motorcycle.  He had the local welder put a plate on the back of his bike so he could mount his board rack.  The Doctor said he could surf again in a few days and he wanted to make sure that his ride would be ready as well.  It turned out well, check it out.

We received a few pictures via e-mail from a crew from Houston,Texas that got a hold of some of our NSR stickers and decided to do some poses around their town.  We thought that it would be cool to post one and say thank you.  Keep spreading the word.

We took a walk this evening to try to get some shots of the sunset but the clouds were a little thick, instead we got a good shot of our team mascot “Reina” with the sky looking pretty cool in the background.

This is another interesting shot of the all of the houses on the mountains just on the other side of the bay.  We thought that it turned out pretty nice.

Our last shot of the day goes out to our friend Caleb Cooper who sponsored these girls with a bunch of soccer gear, so we had them pose in front of his company’s logo.  Thanks for all that you are doing for the local kids.  Check back with us tomorrow.