Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hey everyone this is Theo bringing your Thursday report. Mother Nature wasn't cooperating as much today with the wind, but there were still some gems coming through.

There were a few guys out there charging the not-so-perfect conditions and still having plenty of fun.

Here's an unknown surfer sizing up a nice-looking right.

This was one of the bigger sets that came through. This guy took a few nice drops like this one.

With the late-season light crowd, there were a few empty faces in need of a shredder.

Insert ripper here:

Yet another unknown surfer on a fun-looking right. There weren't too many barrels out there but the faces were looking good for laying down some hacks.

The rights were working the best for sure. This guy was all over it.

It was a good day to practice your air game. This unknown surfer thought he'd take to the sky on this one.

Up, up and away!

Nice hang-time my friend. That's everything we have for all you rippahs out there today. Stay stoked and check with us again for more tomorrow. Happy Thursday amigos!