Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, September 18, 2009

Hi folks, this is Miguel bringing you all the action for the Friday surf report.  The waves were overhead on sets with light offshore winds and the lineup was not crowded at all.  Check it out!!!

Here we have an unknown surfer catching a nice left.  This guy had a lot of waves because this morning there were not many people out.

This is Adrian from Panama bottom turning a nice looking right.  He was stoked to score some good ones today.  He definitely had a blast in the water.

On this shot we have D-lite with a cool off the lip, he was ripping this morning as always.  He was a little bummed because he couldn’t make any barrels today.  Maybe tomorrow buddy, don’t give up!

We had a few international riders trying to make it through some fast barrel section.  Check out Andre from Fl working on this one.  He didn’t make it out of this one but he rode it for a while.

Carlos Caliente made the trip with us and was able to pick up a couple of fun ones.  Here he is looking down the line, waiting for the right moment to pull into this one.

There were a few guys ripping all over the place.  Check out this guy with a cool backside spray on this left.

The wind wanted to change but it stayed off pretty good.  Here is another unknown surfer working on his backside style on this right with nice form.

The swell is supposed to build up through the next days so stay tuned with us.