Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, September 02, 2022

Hello folx and welcome back for another beautiful day here on the Emerald Coast of Nicaragua! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the waves are super fun.. check it out..

The waves are fun size with an occasional bigger set and the lineup is about 20- 30 people spread out on a couple of peaks so plenty of waves to go around

Here is one of those occasional bigger sets and dude scored this one with a fun and super clean peeling tubo

Rick there with the red helmet in the spot to get that angle inside the barrel

Just a super fun morning of waves today, the tide was about mid when I got to the beach and it was still doing it's thing when I was leaving too as it was getting pretty low so it's looking like an all day kinda day

The small waves can be fun too! It's the motion in the ocean

John out there scoring a bunch of waves and enjoying his trip to Nica fosho

Look at that glassy peeler of a wave, it is just beautiful am I right

The wind seems to be back to the regular offshore flow, we were getting some swirls off cross shore but no onshore today (knocks on wood) so things are looking good!

There was a lot of current in the water this morning, it was pulling south and west out toward the abyss of the Pacific Ocean, Rick was out there shooting and told me it was some of the strongest current he's ever felt here. This surfer got caught in the current and was having some trouble getting back in, luckily our super awesome crew of Lifeguards noticed and went down to help give that little bit of extra help to make sure he made it back to firm ground safely. Thank you Beach Patrol!! Thank you Megan and your crew, ya'll are literally lifesavers. Cheers everybody! Have a great day and a wonderful weekend! We'll be back with more highlights for you tomorrow. Hasta luego