Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, August 20, 2020

Hello everybody from around the world back to this beautiful part of the world that we call home here in Nicaragua. The swell is receding like a 40 something year old's hairline but there are still some rippable waves to show how good an onshore afternoon of surf can be.

Jackson setting up his line on this beauty.

Making our wave out front look like an artificial surf park with his steezy style out there.

Local shredder Kevin Cortez doesn't care who is watching or who is surfing he is always going full on from paddle out until the end of the session.

Erin going vertical on the face of this wave.

Roundhouse cutback throwing that roundhouse like Jean Claude VanDamme.

Josh has no problem producing speed on a smaller wave, here he is launching above the lip.

Any closer to Emi on this one and I'd be getting the camera wet lol

Josh on the psychedelic zebra stripe board whipping it like Willow Smith.

Jackson showing off some of those board sponsors.

What if the sponsor is on the top of the board? No problem cause Jackson can launch it whichever way.

So sick! Look at the torque on that one, that's like a Ford F150 ad most torque in class.

Who loves shredding? Smile and put your hands up if that's you! Oh yeah, Erin stays stoked out in the water.

Jackson with the major layback snap!

Super savage!

Kevin throwing the tail out like a Fast and Furious drifter race car.

One last shot of Kevin throwing buckets out the back! Hope ya'll enjoyed the report, check back tomorrow for what Brian has in store for you.