Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hello all and welcome to NSR's Thursday surf report with Parker! After breakfast, I checked out our northern reef break and found calm winds, blue water, and fun surf. See for yourself!

Jeff made it out there on his longboard and caught plenty of fun ones. The faces were playful and rippable.

He was also riding in style for his turns! He caught this beautiful right all the way to the beach.

Where would you rather be? Jeff's position for the tuck in tube to finish the wave? Or dropping in on an open wave with plenty of face to rip?

I think this guy (who was behind Jeff previously) would rather have the entire wave. Me too!

Don Hannahs, aka "Donnie Boy," came for a visit with my Mom. He didn't know he would be taking late drops on this big of a board...

He stuck the drop and pointed to the camera! So candid Dad...

He rode this wave all the way in to our next stop: the empty nine hole golf course.

Him and his business partner always say "old guys rule." I think that surfer and I will say young guys rule!!! #sorrydad

Right after, a set came through and broke perfectly on our reef. Nobody can complain when they split the a frame!!

Mark form Long Beach, CA was working the morning waves. He was stoked for the warm water and fun rollers.

His cutback was almost as stylish as his Open Mic Night performance last night. Was that a Taylor Swift song that you sang?!?

I always loved playing freeze tag as a kid. I guess these amigos love it so much that they play together in the water!

Kevin Cortez is a local ripper. Check out that removable diamond tail piece on his Shapeshifter!

If a detachable tail helps him throw buckets of water like this, sign me up for one! Hook a brotha up Jamie!!

Then Kevin's friend answered by smacking the lip just as hard, if not harder. These two are in the process of making a film called "Surf Frio." Check them out on Instagram.

Like Kiki's crew, it's time to get out there for the incoming push! Go enjoy your afternoon or have a good rest of the work week. Thank you all for checking out our report today. Adios amigos!!