Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, August 14, 2015

Hello everybody. The swell is dropping a little bit, so we take a boat and went a little North to found some fun waves. The wind was a little strong, but not too crazy. Check it out.

Is the day off of Parker, so he come to surf with us. He go out the boat with style.

We hit the low tide in one of the two spot of we were today and check how was. Was another sunny day in Nicaragua.

Here is Daniel Domingo riding this left making a bunch of cuts. The waves were kinda small in the morning when the tide just start picking up.

Daniel from Jacksonville Florida have a hundred waves to smack the lip of this left. Was a full day of left.

If you ask to Parker how was today. He have a answer for you.

We move a little to North when the tide was almost full and my buddy Bryan Scott was shooting in the Water. Good to see you bro. I am here with a big bag. I almost sink before arrive to the beach!!!!!.

Here is Parker with a nice cut. Thanks Bryan for this beautiful picture bro. Parker is so happy to be in a boat trip today, all us were so stoked!!!!!

How!!!!! Yeeeeaaaahhhh!!!!. Some big waves come in the sets. Everybody are paddle out to save his life!!!!!!

This surfer were in a playground enjoying the ocean. Here is Tony Domingo, brother of Daniel Domingo. Both are good surfers and both were ripping today.

I say ripping. Check Tony in this cut. He put to work the water pumping with his fins, throwing all that spray of water.

Some rights were working. This swell have a weird direction. So make to all the pointbreaks work a little different.

Lenny Cessac was part of the group today. He was making turn his surfboard almost the 180* when made a cuts. The waves were about thirty meters long and this surfer was going all the way making turns.

Here is Daniel in one of the nice right. The waves were really constantly the last two hours of the high tide.

Sean Person was killing the top of the waves of the sets. Check here the best cut of today.

Ok. Amigos. This is part of the action today. Here is best second turn. Sean Person is part of the Nica surf team and for one reason. He is one of the best surfer in our Country. Have a good night and see you tomorrow. Armando Lopez is out.