Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hola amigos, Lucha Libre Garcia here with your Thursday surf report.  The waves were fun today even with the strong offshore we had, waves were running in the head high range, winds were blowing around 14 knots and the water was great.  Check it out!!!

Simoncito only have a couple of more days in Nicaragua and he is is enjoying every single minute in the barrel.  Yeeewww!!!

The winds were a little strong today but there were still some fun ones rolling in.  Check out the scene!

There were definitely some nice ones rolling in by kinda fast.  You really need a Yamaha motor on your tail to get it.

Sammmm Juannnn paddled out for a little while and he was practicing his backside ride.  Pig doggin'.

El Big Duke  took the water housing out and he snapped so nice ones.  Check out the view into the right!

How about the view into the left?  Sicky one!!!

Jasco didn't go fishing today, he decided to go surfing.  He got a nice reward!

A few groms made it out and they were also getting some sweet ones.  Way to go sipote!

That's all for today amigos, please check back tomorrow!