Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, August 07, 2006

From Puerto Escondido...The swell came up a bit today and the water turned a crystal clear blue. We were stoked to surf in the morning and then do some exploring in the afternoon. This is Hot Carl, hitting the 'eject' button on a long left hander.

Hot Carl, international man of many skills, after a morning filled with surf. You can kind of see the beach break there in the background. Trust me, it was huge and out of control - some of the locals were towing it today.

So we took the road trip to that super, secret spot where they had the RipCurl Pro Contest earlier this year. It's a "don't miss" kind of place if you ask any surfer around here. So we went, during this solid swell and what we found was less than inspiring - in fact, you could even say we were disappointed. While the swell was macking everywhere else on the coast, this spot was head high and crowded. We decided to let the pack have it to themselves and bailed.

Hi, this is Roberto with the report for today. We found this fun spot today and It's overhead on sets and the wind was blowing offshore all day long.

Today we have a crew from Florida. This is Bob charging on a set wave.


Willian, the boss.

Todd getting fun too.

Steve getting a nice size right.

Porter was out too.

Rick to finish the day. Those guys really had fun today. Check back tomorrow.