Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, August 06, 2006

Today's report from Puerto Escondido brings more overhead waves and tired arms from surfing too much. This is a beach where a 7'0" is considered your shortboard and nobody wears leashes - opting to swim to the beach after every "unmade" ride. They claim that it prevents the boards from breaking so much...hmmmmm. We'll have to see about that one. Anyway, not to many pics today.

Hey this is annie with the report for today. We got some swell in the water and the winds are blowing offshore.

First we have local ripper Roque. This kid can surf. He's that guy in the water, the one that glows, you know.

And this is Juanito the regulator's amigo Chris. They know each other from back in the good ol' days in Southern CA.

Roberto man, I know she is cute and all, but don't you think she is a little too young? Ha ha, just kidding, that is his little girl Dagne.

Here is Roberto showing us his new skills in the editing room.

And here is Roberto showing us the first one I took off on...so much for trying to air drop it! There's nothing like a good wipeout sequence. (Don't worry mom, I'm just fine, I've had some way worse than that, ha ha). Check back to see what we'll be showing you tomorrow.