Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Hola de Nicaragua! Eric here comin' at you with the Tuesday surf report. Waves were great this a.m. with super clean conditions, head high waves (a little bigger on those sets!) and a little bit of a crowd in the lineup... But plenty of waves for everyone to get a piece of the action. This shot was taken down at Witche's Rock in Costa.... just kidding. As Lucha would say, check it out!!!

These waves that came in front of the rock here were just jacking up and the left and the right were working pretty well. Here's an unknown rider cruising down a nice head high wave!

WOoo! Look at this left with no one on it. You can tell by the spray coming of the lip what the winds were doing and this gives you a good perspective on how many people were out there. Not super crowded but you might not be gettin' every wave that comes through.

Here's the brothers, bringin' home dinner for the house here at NSR! Dean (right) who lives and surfs the frigid waters of Oregon and Brent who calls Utah home stayed with us for a couple days. Pancho turned these tasty little fellas into the best fish tacos on the Pacific coast!!

Photos today are all courtesy of "Lucha Libre" who scaled a mountain to get this shot. The right on this wave got a little sketchy. It went right into dry rock so if you went that way you would have to pull out before bustin' your board!

Here's a different point of view from that same spot. These guys split the peak on a wave that looks a little smaller than the previous but still looking super fun!

Back up on the mountain again. The right on this wave is lookin' kinda fast but check out how perfect that left is. NSR can set you up in a really sick house that gives you this exact view of this spot, if you're interested just send us an e-mail and let us know!

Nice backside turn.. Another unknown surfer throwin' up some water!

Lots of good lefts were comin' through this morning and they were super rippable. Pullin a nice cutback and gettin' back into the waves power

Whaaat! Look at that barrel section. You know it's not overly crowded when waves like this are coming through with nobody on em'

Alright look close.. This is the wipeout of the day on what looks like it could have been the wave of the day! Unknown, about to get rocked when he should be gettin' slotted! ...That's it for today everybody, waves should be good again tomorrow so be sure and check back to the #1 surf report in Nica..Bringing you daily photos of the waves, rain or shine....NSR.....Until tomorrow,    -eric