Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, June 30, 2008

Hi folks, this is Lucha Libre with the Monday surf report, Come Pan is off today and might be drinking a couple of Tonas and Pledge is off as well and might be still fighting with the hen.  So today, I headed out up north to take a bunch of sick pictures of the crew staying at the NSR Beach House.  Its over head on sets, the wind is offshore and the water was super clear and warm.  Check it out.

The crew was commanded by Walker who was leading this crew to take this vacation down here to Nicaragua.  Here he is taking off on a nice size set wave.  This guy was here last year by himself and hired me for his trip, now he got back with his friends and hired me one more time.

John K was caught here working on his Jerry Lopez style with a sweet bottom turn. Today we had a strange surfing day out here.  First thing in the morning wasn’t working that good and then after dead high tide got on fire for almost 2 hours.  That’s one of the many advantage you have if you stay in the NSR House.  You can sit down and wait until it gets on fire.

Laury likes to do snow boarding but this time he decided to take his surfboard out and give it a try.  Here he is testing out his fins on a nice looking left.

These guys were having so much fun out there, even with the many people who were out.  There were more than 40 guys out today and 6 boats in the lineup.  Here comes Taylor Knox taking one of the many good waves he had today.

Eero was in the couch in the morning watching his friends killing it.  After one hour of good waves he made it out and rode a couple of fun ones.  Here he working a fun right.

Blair was the man of the barrels today.  Here he is showing everybody how to score when you are on vacation at one of the best surf spots in Nicaragua. He had more than 10 sick barrels today; believe me because I’m not kidding you guys!!!

The whole crew scored today and had so much fun out there.  Even when they don’t surf very often they did a good job.  This is Matt the last surfer of the crew taking a nice left.

These guys were so stoke because they shared a good time with a couple of great ASP surfers today.  You guys already know that Timmy Reyes was down here getting barrels all over the place.  So today one of the best surfers around the world made it out and was shredding.  Here is Damien Hobgood throwing the lip off .

But this time Timmy Reyes who recently beat Kelly and Andy at the U.S Open was out to make his own show with his buddy.  There he is with a sick busting air.

Always when the waves get pretty good somebody gets hurt trying to get the sickest barrel of the day.  If you guys don’t believe me, check out this shot and make your own call.  Good bye Chris!!!

There were many people out today, so it was really hard to know everybody.  Here I caught an unknown rider bottom turning a sick left.

Here we have another unknown rider setting up for a huge barrel.  I bet he’s not going to forget this day down here in Nicaragua.  He’ll keep it on mind for the rest of his life.

Chris was trying and trying until he made it.  He never gives up and scored one of the sickest barrels of the day.  Here he is with the post card shot of the day.

If you guys don’t believe us when we say the NSR BEACH HOUSE here is this shot to prove it from the dinning room.  You only can say itsgonnabesick!!!

Alright folks, the swell is dropping a bit tomorrow but it still going to be fun so check back with us.  Lucha out.