Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What's up guys and gals!? This is Parker welcoming you to NSR's Humpday surf report. We surfed a beachie north so check out our shots!

It was't quite barreling the way we were expecting (even at the lower end of the tide). Regardless, we still enjoyed the rippable faces!

Yehuda was still stoked and shredding! He was tearing up the face all morning.

And meet Matt Craig. He's been apart of the NSR family for over 10 years and still comes back to visit. Welcome back down bro!

Being a traveling nurse has many fringe benefits. First, you travel around the world. Second, you surf epic spots. Third, you learn how to connect sections that normal surfers would fall flat on their face.

And you get to have a little fun too! Yehuda was ripping the face up while Mateo was taking his surfing to a new level.

Speaking of NSR friends, check out this beautiful empty right. Where were you Brom!?!? At least Muzzy is here to pick up the pieces after you...

The short term forecast for Southern Nicaragua is looking promising. That means we will be waking up too early, piling in cars, and enjoying fun waves with our friends. Expect more mornings like today!

As usual, Jan was on it early. Because he works so close to this wave, he learns how to slip away from work and slip in and out of nugs like this.

There were a few cross up swells this morning (until that new SSW fills in later today or tonght). As a result, the waves were really peaky. This surfer still stuck a tricky drop.

Conditions have been partly cloudy all day. Considering that and Yehuda throwing buckets, we are hoping for a fresh dose of rain soon!

Due to the direction, most of the waves were lefts. However, Mateo picked off one of the few rights.

Farther down the beach, the lefts trickled through untouched...

I was slightly shocked to see how playful the waves were today. Normally, you find barrels or ramps to enjoy.

It's been such a good season with waves everywhere and tons of tubes so we can survive in the meantime. Cough cough, hopefully some man caves return soon though!!!

Here's one more for Yehuda because he was so fun to watch surf and shoot. Keep ripping hombre!!

Ok damas and caballeros, we had a super fun morning surf! Keep your eye on this afternoon and tomorrow morning. Until then, thanks for checking out our report and we'll see you tomorrow! Nos vemos chicos!