Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, June 29, 2015

Hello good afternoon everybody. The are couple peaks working good during the high tide. The offshore wind is soft and there are sets overhead. Check it out.

The new swell is making some long waves with power and good distance, because the period is of(12s to 16s ) and keep the seem for the next days. Hopefully the waves keep with the seem shape and the distance.

The waves are good to maneuvers, not to many barrels today. Check one of the best turn today.

I sew just one barrel and was really good. Check this nuget.

I always believe that Kevin Cortez is one of the best surfer of our Country. Here is one of the sick tricks he can make. Check this sequence.

He make the drop in this wave and instantly look for this trick. Check the execution.

A 360* Rodeo. F*^%^&*( Yeah Bro!!!!!!>>>>>>

He is totally in the air. Kevin is pushing the surf level of this Country to another level.

At this point he is passing five second on the bull and keep properly mounted  . Check the landing.

The surfer beside to him in this photo have the best sit in this show. This is the best trick of today.

He have the tail of the surfboard of reverse. This is the critical moment of this trick.

Ok. Amigos. I hope you enjoyed the surf report. Congratulation to my buddy Kevin Cortez for his achievements. He is ready to be sponsored for a surf brand. There are some interested? Here is his email ( [email protected])   Armando Lopez is out.