Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hey guys! It’s time to relax, you know what I mean!  This is Jairo “Come Pan” Panic brining you a beautiful day here in Nicaragua.  The swell dropped off a little bit, but the waves were fun with some barrels.  It was running about head high with some occasional overhead sets.  The wind was offshore in the morning and then switched onshore in the afternoon.  Check it out!

We are going to start the beautiful day with Cliff who has been surfing sick waves for a week and unfortunately today is his last day here in Nicaragua.  Here we have him getting into this green thing, “Hey Cliff if you don’t come out you will regret it for a year!”

This is a guy from Brazil but now he lives in Costa Rica.  Today he went to the beach with us and definitely shredded some sick waves.  Here he goes about to attack the lip.  Deacachimba Maje!!!

Check out Matt throwing a big fan on this left.  The waves were really fun today making all the surfers happy at this spot. 

Here we have Federico from Italy taking off on this sweet right.  This guy had a really good surf session.  Hey Federico I would like to learn how to cook good spaghettis!!!

It looks like some dude was killing it today.  Check out this guy flying all over this nice right.  Hey buddy I thought you were a bird riding this wave. 

Oliver was out there teaching surf lessons and everyone was having a great time! here's a family from Chicago learning from the best! "Here's how you drop in on 20 foot outer reef!"

Here is the newest graduate of the NSR surf school, Skyler! She was riding the wave forever and having so much fun!

On the last shot of the day we have Jacobo working out on this nice wave.  The waves should be fun tomorrow please check back again. 
Come Pan Out!!!