Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hola amigos. This is the weekend surf report of NSR. A new swell from the south is building some good waves. The offshore wind is just a grade more stronger of the normal. Some sets were breaking good two hours before the high tide. Check it out.

The new swell is starting good. Around three different peaks were working good, breaking left and right.

The speed of the waves are increase so that is a signal of the first touch of the swell. Even the small waves are breaking a little faster.

Hurry up buddy!!!!! For the next days the wind will be the same so the waves would be rude. Start sharpening the mini guns 6'4" to 6'6" friends.

The lucky surfer today!!!!!! Nice wave bro....

This is a example of love the surf. All his friend have a surf trip and he don't care about the injury. He don't stay in home. He find the way to enjoy the surf.

Here is lester testing his new surfboard. Look like he get the rhythm the first day!!!.

The gorgeous Jessica Collomb have some good left this morning. Happy birthday to her Dad Michael Gary Collomb, he have sixty four years old but he say he feel in his twenty four. They are a surf family enjoying the best waves of our country.

Scott from Cali... one second before to be burn from (El Chocoyo). Alvin there are some rules when you surf.

Ok. Amigos. Tomorrow we will have another surf contest. We will bring you the action so be tuned to the sunday surf report. Armando Lopez is out.