Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, June 21, 2010

Today we went to the beach in the morning, trying to take a couple photos before it rains and ride a few fun waves.  It was definitively smaller than yesterday but there were still some fun little waves coming in.  It was running about waist to chest high on sets with nice offshore winds.  Check it out!!!

First at all we want to throw a couple shots in from yesterday’s bull rodeo.  You know we are celebrating San Juan del Sur’s day next Thursday and that bring lots of festivities.  Many people showed out to the rodeo and were having a good time.

It was really hard to get a photo of the bull through all those people but we did our best.  Check out this guy using the white hat and the green longleaf shirt, styling on this one.

Later on, Oliver called me up telling me that he was going to ride a bull.  So I took the camera and headed out to get the proof.  Unluckily when we both got there the rodeo was almost done and the two last bulls had already riders.  That’s Oliver on the fence watching that beast!

Let’s take it back to the surf.  The lineup was not busy at all, there were only 3 guys out taking advantage in the lineup.  Here we have Caleb “El Matador” doing his thing on the big panga.

A few guys jumped out in the water on their short boards, trying to make a couple turns.  Check out this unknown rider doing his best to throw some spray on this one.

Nobody was out at Machete Pt and we have to say that there were some small but nice looking waves coming in.  Check out this one rolling in by itself. That’s a fun wave to ride on and big board!

Here we have Caleb , this time picking up a nice peaky wave.  He was killing it the whole morning.

Later on, the rain came and we had to leave the beach right away.  It always good to have a nice umbrella with you, you can see why!

Guys in Popoyo, somebody dropped this board off this morning at our shop in San Juan del Sur and we would like to know if somebody knows who's this board is.  The guy also left a note saying that somebody borrowed this board to him  but later on he was told that it was a stolen board.  All we know is from LA TIENDITA (Mexican Woman and white Husband).  Let us know if anybody knows something about it or we are going to feel free to give it away.