Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The boys at Arena Caliente went out with the water camera today and grabbed some nice ones. This is a Roque sequence. How big does it look in this shot?

Here is Roque, dropping in. Solid double-O, maybe more.

Roque, same wave, taking the high-line.

Roque, last shot, racing to the camera man.

Roque again, different wave, just as big.

Check it out - the Dirty Sanchez cruising around the bay in SJDS. We are back in action.

Here is one more shot of "La Bestia" from yesterday. Look at that thing. More waves on tap for tomorrow and the rest of this week. ...and don't forget to check out our homepage for a new three day surf forecast.

Sorry everybody, the power has been out for the last 24 hours and I haven't been able to get online. Today we've still got some solid swell in the water. Some sets are Double-overhead and the wind is offshore all day long. This is Crazy Dave, crazy for not pulling into this monster barrel at Maderas!

They weren't all that big. There were some fun sized ones coming in too. Here's an empty right that passed through.

Here is a surfer chick charging. We love to see it ladies! Keep it going.

Here's a beach chick reading. We love to see this too. Thanks Roberto!

We don't know this guy, but he got a nice one here. It's funny how much the crowd at Maderas thins out when the waves are overhead.

Omnipresent Luis was out, practicing for the upcoming contest in Costa Rica (see our homepage for details) More waves forecast for tomorrow so check back.