Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, June 21, 2015

Hello everybody. Welcome to the Sunday surf report. A great day in this beach. All the surfer from this zone are celebrate The Annual Local Surf contest 2015. The waves are always fun to run the event. We use the main peak in front NSR Beach House to celebrate the event. Check it out.

Our local champion, Oscar Espinoza, opened the score with this sick air. Its a tough challenge for the sufers to say: I am the 2015 Champion from the best beach break in all of Nicaragua!

All the best surfers and the photographers from this zone come to enjoy the Sunday funday. We have a nice community here with new talent coming up. We appreciate the visitors for allowing the surf contest to run and use part of the beach.

Some good sets came during the female heats. This right broke very well down the line.

All the locals appreciate the effort of Matthew Blevins for making this event possible every year. We had a great time on the beach cheering on our friends during their heats.

The new generation were giving a fierce competition to the older surfers. Check this little man going vertical.

The competitors were going radicals to be the owner of the surf title. Not too many barrels, the surfers were looking airs to impress the judges.

Lester Espinosa showed the claws during his heats. A air 180* with good execution. Check it out.

Check, he just has one foot on the surfboard. This is rodeo style.

Yeah!!!! bro.... That it is a solid eight point.

Yeah Oscar!!! That NSR T-shirt look so cool....

Ok. I want to show you the beautifull trophy made up of a metal can with the garden flowers of the houses around and pure gold. Aramando Lopez is out.