Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, June 18, 2010

What’s up fellas?  Guess who is it?  This is Lucha Libre off course bringing you the Friday surf report from one of my favorite spots to shoot.  The waves were super fun today, running well over head on sets with nice offshore winds and the weather was nice.  Check it out!!!

Today I was hired by a cool crew from Fl, one of them was here before and he brought down a couple friends.  Here they are posing for the camera to immortalize this moment for ever.

Thomy “El Blanco” was taking lots of fun waves all day long.  Check him out dropping into a nice looking right.  He cut one of his fingers last night but that didn’t stop him and today was killing it.

This is our new friend Bryan “El Gordo” styling on this nice sized right.  He made it looks so easy that I was thinking to paddle out.   Can you guys believe it?

Matt “El Loco” and the ripper of the crew was throwing a couple of nice sprays all over the place.  Here he is working on his Kelly Slater style.

There were a few other dudes in the lineup having a blast.  Here we have a shot of this guy looking down the line on his giant blue panga.  It was so easy for him to paddle into those big sets that were coming through.

I didn’t get to know this little kid but I have to say that he was charging.  He’s probably about 15 years old but he looks like 20s on this wave.  Late take off, uh!  That’s not easy to do at this spot.  Hey man, we have a few other shots of you if you want to get any of them just let us know.

The light was good mostly for the first 2 hours in the morning but later on it was off and on.  Anyway, I kept taking photos and I think it did pay off.  This is Ed Nolen riding this one on his backside all the way in to the beach.  He was catching some big sets today, also we have to say that he is very short.  Welcome back my friend!!!

A couple guys know how to ride this wave like nothing.  This is Dave form Jack just seconds away to get shacked.  He probably wanted to huge this one.  Don’t you think so?  Check out his arms!

We had quite a good crowd in the water but there were still many good waves rolling in with no takers.  Amazing left rolling in on its own!

The waves were fun but it was really tough to pick the right one.   This guy was more than happy to take this one.  You can see why!

It is always nice when everybody has a good time and score many good waves.  The best was “Everybody was very respectful”.  I was thinking to take my bed out and try to get shack on a wave like this one.  It opened up perfectly!

This is Joe from Fl with one of the many postcard shots of the day.  Sometimes I like to create my own shot.  Hey Chewy, you just left and the waves are pumping.  I already miss you dude, I had a really good time with you this year.  Hope you be back next year!

This guy was giving some extra work to his fins.  Nice looking shot, uh!

The wipe out shot of the day goes to “El Gordo” from Fl.  We have to say that we had many of these that it was really hard to pick one to post.  Is that hurt dude?  I am glad it is not a reef!

Always when the waves are good, we get to see many good surfers.  Check out this guy with a killer backside hack on this poor right.

The last shot of the day goes to Jimbo from Surfari Charters, he got super shacked on this one.  Alright folks, more waves on tab for tomorrow so make sure to stay tuned with us.

This just in,

Back down in San Juan del Sur we had a surf lesson going on with one of the best surfers as a instructor.  The two students were very happy with all the instructions that our man Pancho Sanchez gave to them.  Here they are so stoked because they really scored!

This is Isabella with a solid stand up on this small but nice wave.  She rode many fun waves, and she is ready to take the surf to the next level.

Here, on the last shot of the lesson we have Isabella's good friend doing her thing on this one.  Comgratulations Lilly, you really killed it today.