Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, June 18, 2006

Well, it's Saturday and we are waiting for the big swell that's supposed to start hitting tomorrow. In the meantime, we are surfing the remnants of this last swell - still solid overhead. It's been drizzling lightly all day, but the wind has been offshore. Check this out - we documented our very first NSR Beach House guests who arrived by panga...in the rain...with all their bags...from San Juan Del Sur. The captain was solid. He navigated all the way to the beach in between sets, unloaded and then took off into the mist. Good stuff.

Check out the set waves that were coming in today. The rights were firing! (See the little heads in the lower right?) The boat captain was ballsy.

Christian was stoked.

This is his older brother Matt - fresh off the plane and in the water for the afternoon session.

This is Jarod - already a legend for yesterday's impossibly long barrel. Going for #2. More big swell forecast for the upcoming week, so check back later.