Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hi folks, this is Roberto “Lucha Libre”, Jairo “Come Pan” Panic, and Mateo “Pledge” with the Tuesday surf report. Some days we have clients hire us to take photos and the waves aren’t that good and we feel kind of bummed. This was not one of those days! Today the waves were running overhead with offshore wind. Our new friends from Brazil scored big with some killer waves. Check it out!

The first surfing shot is of Felipe “Pipo” dropping in on one of the sickest waves of the day. I mean, that things a bomb, and you know he is about to get pitted! These guys were so stoked about having “Lucha” following them around with the camera all day.

Here is Julio “Careca” with his first shot of the day taking off on a rather large outside set wave. You know he can’t wait to take these pictures back home to show all his friends. All together these guys walked away with about a 800 pictures!

Here is Maurcio “Reef” setting up at the top of this wave getting ready for an encounter with the lip. These guys were all surfing really well and getting a lot of fun waves.

The fourth guy of the Brazilian crew was Fabiano “Mano.”  I’m not sure about how “Mano” got his nickname, but maybe it is because his paws are big enough to get him into some big faced lefts like this one.

Now introducing the final guy from the group we have Fabio “Garza.” Here he is caught setting up for a pretty fun looking section on a really good looking right.

Since Julio “Pipo” was getting so many good waves we had to post another one. Here he is slipping into a pretty hollow looking right.

Here is Mauricio “Reef” on his second shot of the day. This is “Reef” leaning back with a little bit of style about to pull into this shack.

Alright here the full group shot of our friends from Brazil. On the far left working our way to the right we have Felipe, Mauricio, Fabio, Fabiano, and Julio. It was a pleasure working with you guys today and we hope to see you again real soon!

He we have an interesting shot of what TO do and what NOT to do. First off what to do: Excellent barrel position by the guy on the left hand side of this frame. Now what NOT to do: Never, ever drop in on a fellow surfer, especially when he has the potential to get a sick barrel!

The last shot of the day we are going to leave you with this perfect, little piece of candy! Alright the waves should drop off a little bit tomorrow, but it should still be really fun.Also, don't forget to tune in this weekend for the coverage of the Santanas Surf Contest Check back!