Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, June 10, 2016

Hi there, the offshore wind come back and looks like gonna stay for the next days. The waves are super fun. All the surfers here were having tubes and making airs, cuts and all kind of tricks. Check it out.

Michael Doan with the Rusty brand in the top was ripping today. He always made something cool in the waves and today he made this sick floater. This wave have a good size and he landing perfect.

Pancho Sanchez was visiting this beach because he know there are some tubes and he like the tubes. The waves still shoulder high and almost every wave hold the perfect shape.

This left with the low tide was perfect. The offshore wind exchange last night, before the sunset time and today in the morning we have this beautiful light offshore wind.

There are good waves everywhere. Check what the lucky surfer in the water to got.

He was in this little cylinder all the way out. I say we have perfect waves. Well, this is the true.

Here is Oscar to profit from this little wave. After a few days with onshore wind those surfer are ready to destroying whatever wave they found in the line up.

Here is the Big Z in his boat. Tony was surfing in longboard without leash. He get this tube and he went to pick up his surfboard like twenty time to the beach.

Yiiiuuuuuuup!!! check this right. The river mouth have a good channel, so all this waves are rolling with a good wall. The big swell will made to work some sick rights, until is to big and probably the waves will closing out.

Now we are watching a lot of cuts, but soon we probably will see just wipeout and barrels. I only want barrels, but I know I will have some wipeout.

Pancho was hitting the waves with power. He is getting ready for surf some of the big waves in some of our outhere reef.

Lester was flying in the same right he was surfing in the last three days. This right have the perfect ramp for this tricks. This is why he is good making airs, because he always found place like this one. He heve a skypark of water in his back yard.

Kevin is using for first time a twin fins 4' 10" and he say this board is magic. well, i believe him when i see him surfing like this.

Ok. Have a good day and check tomorrow the report, because from here to the next days the waves probably will be better and better. Have a great weekend. Armando Lopez is out.