Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Hey everybody and welcome to the Wednesday surf report! This is “Chewy” soloing the report, “Lucha Libre” took all the sick pictures and let me get some surfing in! Man, the water was nice, the crowd was chill, and the waves were fun! Can’t ask for much more. It was running about waist to chest with a couple shoulder high sets. We had offshore winds and the waves were peeling down the beach. Scroll down and check it out!

I’m startin’ you off with a picture of the best looking intern. Since nobody else is here I can claim that! (I may have to make a retraction statement tomorrow) I’m getting out, surf stoked for sure!

Here’s a picture of one of the locals Larry “Carita de Venado” Davila popping the fins out the back. I was on the other side of the wave and it just looked like an explosion! This kid was killing it, catching a ton of waves, and being super chill. I love to see cool heads blowing it up in the water!

Here is our good friend Jamo teaching his son Jaron a thing or two out in the water. Jaron was super stoked on getting some waves. Take notes buddy, your pops was doing work out in the water today!

Rodolfo “Calibilly” works at a local surf in San Juan Del Sur and was out there representing. Here he is tryin’ a backside air, looks super fluid. I you were a little higher I bet you would be claiming this one at the shop right about now!  

D-lite was out there spreading the stoke and teaching some surf lessons. Here are Rob and Drew ready to go! Your in good hands, he’s like a dictionary of surfing!

“Hace Queso” was out there on the longboard having a bunch of fun! Here she is on the seldom seen right. This was one of the better set waves of the day just flaring open. Great wave Queso!

Here is Jamo the poppa bear, puttin’ the fins to work! He’s not only a killer surfer he kills the music scene too! That’s for the CD Jamo, I can’t take it out of the player!

Pedro “El Cacasteste” Flores is one of the coolest kids in San Juan, and a killer surfer, he made it to the finals of the last contest and everybody was super stoked for him. Today we gave him a ride to the beach. He was catching a ton of waves and was all smiles.

Today was Lucha Libre’s birthday! So he got an early day and I rummaged around and found this picture of him from a while back, stroking through this barrel! Feliz Cumplianos mis amigo!