Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, June 03, 2007

Ok folks, Pancho here with the surf report for Sunday. We've got some good swell in the water, but the wind is still onshore. There are definitely places to surf if you go look for it, but we opted to sit today out. Instead of posting a surf report today, I wanted to call some attention to the completion NSR's first "official" community service project. We recently completed the construction of a new home for a family in Limon, Tola - which had been destroyed in a fire.

We'd like to thank all the people who generously donated to the cause (total project cost was approx. $500) AND the people who donated two HOT days of manual labor to make this whole thing possible. Please click over to our "Community Service" page under the "Information" menu item and check out the full story complete with photos! Then stay tuned to NSR for our next project and get involved to help!