Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, June 01, 2014

Hello friends. This Sunday was really good during the low tide in the morning. The wind made the water look glassing, the color and the temperature is nice. Check out.

Good waves rolling during the morning. This guy have the better wave today.

Check the sequence.

Huuu good late drop.

Breaking with both hands.

getting inside the barrel.

How perfect is this wave?

This kid is in the group staying with the Kerson Family.

The glassing was beautiful. This right was the most consistent.

Clean and perfect.


J.J. get some good one too. Check this little nugget.

You don't imagine how many experience this guys get after stay a season here in Nica land.

I like this drop. Look the beautiful ramp in this wave.

A friend from Brazil have this nice right. We have overhead waves, no too fast but a little heavy.

This guy made this latte drop. Check the sequence.

I think this is the most emotional part.

A little in the barrel.


Here is again J.J. In my artistic photo of today. Haaaa haaaa.

This kid charging this right. Checking his barrel.

Second day total cloudy dawn here. Good to use shine colors in the surf board.

Today the right predominate the line-up. The left were closing usually.

This kid was cover complete for the curtain.

Disappear for awhile.

I thought it was not going to leave.

But the young gun is too good for miss this way out.

The smaller guy in the Kerson Family is a charger.

Ok. Everyday the condition exchange here and always is for something better, so check tomorrow and see what happens. Armando Lopez is out. Goodbye.