Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hi there, this is Lucha Liibre Garcia with a quick update on our daily surf report.  The swell did not fill in as we were expecting but there were still some fun ones rolling in.  Head high waves, pretty strong offshore winds and empty lineup predominated the ocean.  Check it out!!!

El Codo Lopez took the camera out today and asked me to throw a couple of toughs on today's report.  As you can see there were some decent sized waves to be taken.

Gary is caught here again, this time burning some speed on his stylish deep bottom turn.  Getting ready to hack it!

We thought that he was going to hack the top of the wave, but he hacked this guys.  Just kidding amigos, this is what we call a funny wipeout.

At some point during the day the winds got super strong, but nobody gave up.  People was still trying to get some waves, kinda hard to hold on the drop.

Gary knows how its done for sure.  Check him out carving on his backside.

Right before everybody was done, Codo paddled out to catch a few and here he is on the last shot of the day.  Hoping to see a little bump in the swell tomorrow so stay tuned with us.  Lucha Libre Garcia out!